Salmon Hot Dogs - Kvaroy Arctic, Frozen, Original and Cheese Salmo Salar
Two (3.5oz) Hot Dogs
May arrive thawed.


From the first bite, it's obvious that Kvarøy Arctic Salmon Dogs are a step above the rest. The natural casing offers the perfect snap, with good smoky flavor that is a perfect take on this iconic staple. They are perfect on the grill or in the pan for an option full of flavor and juiciness without compromising on quality. It’s got everything you love, comes in two tasty flavors, and unlike other dogs, is high in omega-3s. Kvarøy Arctic salmon has twice the Omega-3 content of other farmed salmon. All Kvarøy Arctic salmon is American Heart Association certified. INGREDIENTS: Norwegian farmed salmon 52%, milk, butter, cheese (pasteurized milk, acid cultures, salt and microbial rennet), potato starch, dry cream, cottage cheese (skimmed milk, cream, lactic acid culture, salt, potassium, sorbate [preservative], microbial rennet), seasoning blend (salt, spices, ground white pepper, dry paprika extract, ground mace, phosphate, carrageenan, rosemary extract (antioxidant). Casing made from natural gelatins from the salmon. ALLERGENS: Contains fish (salmon) and milk. Farmed salmon with color added through feed (astaxanthin). Gluten Free.
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